Month: March 2015

How to factorize a 700 GB matrix with Apache Flink™

A story full of valuable insights told in 3 acts

This article is a follow-up post to the earlier published article about Computing recommendations at extreme scale with Apache Flink. We discuss how we implemented the alternating least squares (ALS) algorithm in Apache Flink, starting from a straightforward implementation of the algorithm, and moving to a blocked ALS implementation optimizing performance on the way. Similar observations have been made by others, and the final algorithm we arrive to is also the one implemented in Apache Spark’s MLlib. Furthermore, we describe the improvements contributed to Flink in the wake of implementing ALS.

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Computing Recommendations at Extreme Scale with Apache Flink™

Note: This article is a summary of the more detailed article How to factorize a 700 GB matrix with Apache Flink™.

Recommender Systems and Matrix Factorization

Recommender Systems are a very successful application of large scale data processing. They are used to recommend new items of interest to users of a service, such as new movies on Netflix, or shopping articles on Amazon. Recommender systems have become an essential part of most web-based services to enhance the user experience.

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