Month: December 2015

How Apache Flink™ enables new streaming applications

Part I: The power of event time and out of order stream processing

Stream data processing is booming in popularity, as it promises better insights from fresher data, as well as a radically simplified pipeline from data ingestion to analytics. Data production in the real world has always been a continuous process (for example, web server logs, user activity in mobile applications, database transactions, or sensor readings). As has been noted by others, until now, most pieces of the data infrastructure stack were built with the underlying assumption that data is finite and static. To bridge this fundamental gap between continuous data production and the limitations of older “batch” systems, companies have been introducing complex and fragile end-to-end pipelines. Modern data streaming technology alleviates the need for complex solutions by modeling and processing data in the form that it is produced, a stream of real-world events.

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