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Apache Flink, stream processing, event-driven applications, and more.

Category: General

How Apache Flink™ Enables New Streaming Applications, Part 2

This is the second blog post in our series on how Flink enables new streaming applications. Part 1 introduced event time and out of order processing. This post is about versioning application state a...

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Dataflow proposed as Apache Incubator project

Today, we are delighted to see Dataflow publicly proposed as an Apache Incubator project with an initial project team from Google, data Artisans, Cloudera, and others. data Artisans is the second bigg...

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Flink 0.10: A significant step forward in open source stream processing

We are delighted to see that the Apache Flink™ community has announced the availability of Apache Flink™ 0.10. The 0.10 release is one of the largest Flink releases ever, with about 80 individuals...

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Reflections on Flink Forward 2015

Flink Forward 2015 was the inaugural conference around the Apache Flink™ community and took place at the beautiful Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, a former brewery turned into a fantastic event space. Ove...

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Announcing Cascading on Apache Flink™

See also the related announcement at the Cascading blog.    Today we are thrilled to announce the first availability of Cascading on Flink, a result of a community-driven effort that brings together...

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Batch is a special case of streaming

Interested in stream processing? Sign up for Flink Forward 2015, the first conference on Apache Flink™. In recent blog posts, we introduced what we deem as requirements for systems to classify as st...

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A look at Flink Forward 2015

At data Artisans we are very proud to be part of the organization team behind Flink Forward 2015, the first conference we are organizing around the Apache Flink™ project....

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