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Stateful stream processing:
Enabling real-time applications for the modern enterprise

Apache Flink® is an open source stream processing framework that unifies real-time event-driven applications and real-time analytics.

A look inside dA Platform 2

Application Manager is an integral component of dA Platform 2. It is the central coordination point between commands from the user and orchestration of cluster resources and Flink jobs. The main logical concept for interacting with streaming jobs is through the “Application” abstraction, encompassing details like savepoints, individual Flink jobs, and other metadata. Application Manager provides capabilities for:

  • Application lifecycle management
  • Integrations with external systems for metrics and logging
  • A web-based user interface and a REST API
  • Configuration management
Application Manager turns dA Platform 2 into a self-service platform for stateful stream processing applications.

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Purpose-built for stateful, continuous stream processing applications

Stateful stream processing applications require a new approach to operations. dA Platform 2 is a complete toolset for managing continuous, stateful stream processing applications.

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A complete stream processing infrastructure,
ready out of the box

dA Platform 2 provides easy integration with container orchestration, CI/CD, logging, metrics, and state storage. By providing these important infrastructure components, application developers get started more quickly and spend more time on their use case. dA Platform 2 ships with a selection of industry-proven, tightly-integrated infrastructure components based on our experience working with leading enterprises on production stream processing systems.

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Stream processing with dA Platform 2:
continuous applications made easy

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Application Updates with Zero Friction and Strong Consistency

Change your application code and redeploy your stateful application with a few keystrokes

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Build, Deploy, and Operationalize in Record Time

Ready-to-go integrations with container orchestration, metrics, logging, and CI/CD

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A Singular View of Your Stream Processing Applications

One unified platform for all teams and applications

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Think in Terms of Continuous Applications

Not in terms of clusters, jobs, and snapshots; leave the low-level to dA Platform 2

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Version Control for Stateful Applications

Complete application history with integrated logging and metrics makes troubleshooting and provenance easy

dA Platform 2 is supported by data Artisans,
the original creators of Apache Flink®

Our team of Apache Flink and stream processing experts provides 24/7 enterprise support for dA Platform 2. We’re also available for consulting and training. Get in touch to learn more.

dA Platform 2 Introductory Slides

dA Platform 2 Overview and Demo