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Monitoring Flink with Prometheus

Prometheus is a cloud-native monitoring system prioritizing reliability and simplicity – and Flink works really well with it! This session will show you how to leverage the Flink metrics system together with Pronetheus to improve the observability of your jobs. There will be a live demo establishing how everything ties in together. The talk is aimed at people already building and running Flink jobs who would like to gain more insight into them. It is fine if you are not familiar with Prometheus yet as the basic concepts will be introduced. If you have ever wondered how you could use modern monitoring tools to be alerted in the middle of the night in case your Flink job‘s 99th percentile end-to-end latency degraded for some reason, this might just be the talk you are looking for.


Maximilian Bode
Maximilian Bode
TNG Tech
Maximilian Bode

Max works with TNG Technology Consulting, a Munich-based firm focused on high-end IT projects. He is currently on a project with one of Europe’s largest telecommunications providers, where he is heading up the SRE team supporting a platform built for large-scale anonymization and hence focusing on all things automation and observability. In his free time he enjoys juggling and volleyball.

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