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Flink real-time analysis in CloudStream Service of Huawei Cloud

CloudStream service is a Full Management Service in Huawei Cloud. Support several features, such as On-Demand Billing, easy-to-use Stream SQL in online SQL editor, test Stream SQL in real-time style, Multi-tenant, security isolation and so on. We choose Apache Flink as streaming compute platform. Inside of CloudStream Cluster, Flink job can run on Yarn, Mesos, Kubernetes. We also have extended Apache Flink to meet IoT scenario needs. There are specialized tests on Flink reliability with college cooperation. Finally continuously improve the infrastructure around CS including open source projects and cloud services. CloudStream is different with any other real-time analysis cloud service. The development process can also be shared at architecture and principles.


Jinkui Shi
Principal Engineer Huawei
Jinkui Shi

Jinkui Shi, Scala programmer, Principal Engineer at Huawei Cloud, Service Leader of CloudStream team. Worked for Sohu/Alibaba in the past. Recent two years focus on Streaming platform.

Radu Tudoran
Big Data expert Huawei
Radu Tudoran

Dr. Radu Tudoran (male) is acting as the Big Data expert at HUAWEI’s European Research Center with a focus on advanced technologies and innovation in the area of Big Data processing (stream analytics, low latency processing, high performance data management). He designs and develop state-of-the-art technologies that enable mapping batch and stream data processing with sub-second latency. The technologies target verticals such as IoT, finance or telco for which they support real time decision making. Prior to joining Huawei, Radu has worked as doctoral researcher at INRIA Rennes, France in the KerData team. He was registered with ENS Rennes, France as the doctoral school which he graduated in December 2014 with a thesis on high performance Big Data processing across cloud data centers. During his period at INRIA, he was invited researcher and had extensive collaboration with Microsoft Advanced Technology Lab Europe, with Argonne National Lab from US. He was a member of the Microsoft – INRIA Joint Center for 3 years and a doctoral fellow of the EIT Digital. His research focuses on middleware systems and services to enhance performances of Big Data processing and advanced data management techniques. In this work he develop a streaming service for cross data-center communication, a transfer as a service for clouds, a MapReduce engine highly optimized for bio-Informatics applications and hierarchically extensible across cloud data centers and he proposed an extension to the MapReduce paradigm to enable iterative reduction phases. Prior to this he obtained a Master Diploma from ENS Cachan, France and a bachelor diploma from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania.

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