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Panta Rhei: designing distributed applications with streams

Event streams as source of truth for applications have risen in popularity. Thoughtworks lists it in the assess phase of their technology radar (Nov 17). At DriveTribe we’re slightly ahead of the curve as we’ve been using this technique in production with Flink since the launch of our platform in Nov 2016. In this talk we discuss how we can use this technique with some functional programming and Flink to successfully design distributed and highly scalable applications and data platforms.


Aris Koliopoulos
Scala Team Lead DriveTribe
Aris Koliopoulos

Alex is a Software Engineer with an interest in functional programming and distributed systems. As a backend developer he is responsible for the design and implementation of various data systems and product features at DriveTribe, the social network for motoring enthusiasts.

Alex Garella
Software Engineer DriveTribe
Alex Garella

Aris is a backend engineer working on the Data platform at Drivetribe. He started off as a distributed systems researcher at the University of Manchester. The last few years he has designed and built distributed systems for various start-ups.

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