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from the team that created Apache Flink®

Thanks so much for the great workshop. I now have a clear idea of what one can do with Apache Flink. The hands-on part was good because we were able to get our hands dirty and experience how Flink works. You can’t ask for more from a one-day event!

A one-day course for data engineers, software developers, system architects, and technical managers who want a hands-on, in-depth introduction to Apache Flink.

This course emphasizes those features of Flink that make it easy to build accurate, fault tolerant applications on streams. You will learn the most common and useful patterns for processing streaming data with Flink, based on our experience helping users be successful with the platform.

  • Curriculum designed and developed by data Artisans
  • Taught by experienced trainers with Flink expertise
  • Hands-on, practical training
  • Regularly updated with feedback from committers and application engineers

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Training at FlinkForward


  • Demo and architectural overview, web frontend
  • Datastream API: sources and sinks, transformations and actions
  • Windows and window state, aggregation
  • Event time vs processing time, watermarks
  • Stateful stream processing, exactly-once vs at-least-once
  • Fault tolerance: checkpointing, storage backends, savepoints

At the end of this training you will know:

  • Best practices and patterns to apply in your own applications
  • Why local state is needed in streaming applications, and how to use and manage it
  • How to work with Flink’s flexible windowing abstractions
  • How to build accurate, fault-tolerant streaming applications
  • How to use savepoints to manage scheduled downtime

Online training

Hosted on github