Stream Processing | Event Driven | Real Time

San Francisco April 9–10, 2018

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dA Platform: Stream Processing for Real-Time Businesses, Powered by Apache Flink®

Book: Introduction to Apache Flink

dA Platform Product Demo

Apache Flink User Survey 2017

Apache Flink and Apache Kafka for Stateful Streaming Applications

The Power of Distributed Snapshots in Apache Flink


Sept 11-13, 2017

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Modern Stream Processing With Apache Flink

End-To-End Exactly-Once Applications with Flink

Stream Processing as a Foundational Paradigm and Apache Flink's Approach

Experiences running Flink at Very Large Scale

Stream Analytics with SQL on Apache Flink

Stateful Stream Processing with Apache Flink

Complex Event Processing with Flink: the state of FlinkCEP

Apache Flink® and IoT: How Stateful Event-Time Processing Enables Accurate Analytics

Table & SQL API - unified APIs for batch and stream processing